The paper was developed in response to the commitment contained in the Programme for Government as well as the Public Service Reform Plan 2011 to introduce a regulatory system for lobbying. It also comprises an important step in implementing the recommendations contained in the report of the Mahon Tribunal relating to the regulation of lobbying.

The policy paper has been developed on the basis of:-

- a review of regulatory regimes for lobbying operating in other jurisdictions

- international assessments and research on lobbying regulation

- the content of a number of Private Members Bills and draft legislative proposals on lobbying regulation made since 1999

and submissions from over sixty contributors received in response to a public consultation process carried out earlier this year, as well as further engagement with some of the groups and organisations that made submissions

This extensive process of research and consultation has helped to highlight important issues relating to options for the design, structure and implementation of an effective regulatory system for lobbying in Ireland as set out in the policy paper.

You can download the report at:

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