For the first time this mapping study quantifies the practice of social justice advocacy by the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. Building on past research it tells the story of both the breadth and depth of this work.

The authors describe a vibrant non-profit sector, which is committed to influencing public policy and contributing to a more inclusive Ireland - 39% of non-profit organisations are engaged directly in social justice advocacy.

The study addresses who is doing social justice advocacy, how they do it, and what strategies are most effective for achieving change. It has many important implications for The Advocacy Initiative in realising its objective to reframe the relationship between the social justice advocacy sector and state actors. As such it will inform the development of the Advocacy Initiative as it seeks to realise this goal over the next two years. It is also our ambition that this research will support those engaged in social justice advocacy to strengthen their own practice, as well as serve as a tool for increasing awareness and understanding of social justice advocacy amongst policymakers and other stakeholders.

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