Songs that changed Ireland: What is your No. 1?

We are preparing for our 6th Knowledge Exchange Forum next Tuesday (May 27 th ) on the themes of creative and visual advocacy. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the theme, many of the creative strategies are visually led – data representation, posters, theatre, street performance, street art - though we do have some literature in there too. That got us to thinking given our rich musical history, what are the songs that have led to or supported social change in Ireland?

Failure & Getting Better - Presentation at the Social Inclusion Forum

Failure is often seen as a negative outcome, but it can be good to fail as through mistakes we learn and make discoveries. Failing creates an opportunity, a chance to reflect on what went wrong and what role innovation could play. This blog features Anna Visser, Director of The Advocacy Initiative presenting at the Social Inclusion Forum on her experience at the European Peer review.

Participant responses from "Are we paying for that?" - Goverment funding and advocacy seminar

On January 29th 2014, we hosted a seminar for the community and voluntary sector to consider the implications of new research "Are we paying for that?" - Government Funding & Social Justice Advocacy. Following a presentation by the researcher Brian Harvey and response from Senan Turnbull, a retired public servant and volunteer, participants were asked 'What (if anything) do we need to do together?' to address the issues raised in the report. Below are the responses. Please feel free to respond or add your own thoughts in the comments section below.

It’s time to demand our fair share

In this blog Teresa Marshall, Communications Coordinator for Public Services International discusses the power of collaboration in bringing about the imminent adoption of a fair and equitable tax justice system across Europe and beyond. She shares her experience of the Robin Hood Campaign to end poverty, inequality and climate change, which she will be talking about in more depth at our upcoming 5 thKnowledge Exchange Forum on collaboration and advocacy.

Lords in UK must reject threat to charity campaigning

In this blog Felix Spittal, Policy Officer of The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations writes about the disastrous implications of the gagging bill for the campaining work of charities in the UK if it passes through the House of Lords.

The legislative mess that is the Lobbying and Transparency Bill has now passed its third reading at Westminster and has moved to the Lords for their consideration. Unfortunately, the second part of the bill, which proposes changes to the rules around non-party campaigning, remains a serious threat to the campaigning work of the third sector.


Response to Irish Times article 'Poverty industry targeted in report'

On 25th June the Irish Times published an article on our perceptions research 'In Other Words' entitled 'Poverty industry targeted in report' (p5, June 25th 2013). The headline and article misrepresented the nature and content of the report. The Irish Times published a letter from Anna on 27th June. A number of other organisations also wrote to the Irish Times responding to the article, copies of this correspondence is included in this blog.
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