The Advocacy Initiative never intended to exist beyond 2014. This was a moment in which the sector could reflect on its past, assess its practice and consider its future and was grasped by many with both hands. The project opened up many possibilities and there was a clear demand for some of the learning and spaces to continue to have meaning for the sector.

Following a selection process, seven legacy partners were identified to take on specific projects and initiatives in the coming three years (to 2017). Each of these is funded in a small way from the original three year budget. There is no overall co-ordinating or oversight mechanism for these projects, but the legacy website will act as a central reference. It is up to each partner to identify the ongoing value and relevance of each project and to shape it accordingly, and to reach out and involve a broad range of social justice advocates.

Some of these projects may not capture the attention the sector over the entire three years, but we suspect many will. Those that are of value will thrive and those that are no longer relevant will stop. We do not have any plans beyond 2017, but hope some these projects will seed long term collaborations and ongoing reflection amongst social justice advocates.

If you are interested in any of these plans just contact the relevant legacy partner.


Legacy Partner

The Advocacy Initiative Legacy Website

The website will be a portal to the learning and research generated by the Initiative and will provide an ongoing resource for social justice advocates.

The Wheel


Are we getting there? Identifying indicators for social justice advocacy

This tool and worksheet will support social justice advocacy organisations to develop indicators to measure the impact of their social justice advocacy.

Disability Federation of Ireland


This online tool offers an anonymous resource which facilitates you to take stock of your advocacy capacity. It assesses basic capacities as well as a diverse range of advocacy strategies and tactics.



Opinion Polling

The Initiative commissioned two public opinion polls on social justice advocacy. A number of the specific questions asked proved of deep interest to the sector. This legacy project will see the ongoing polling of a small number of the most relevant questions in order to provide a more developed understanding of public opinion on advocacy. The results will be disseminated.

Focus Ireland  


The Knowledge Exchange Fora (KEFs)

The bi-annual KEFs proved one of the most popular and useful activities of the Initiative. There is a strong demand to continue to facilitate such spaces for cross sector exchange and networking. There are two key strands to this legacy.

  • Three organisations will each organise one thematic KEF.

  • 2-3 Forums will focus on e-campaigning and online strategies. These events may seed the emergence of an e-campaigning forum in Ireland.


Carmichael Centre  



Community Platform  



The Wheel  



54 Degrees (e-campaigning forum)  




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